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HSK Chinese

HSK Preparation course Level-1

The contact: 1.你好Hello 2.谢谢你Thankyou 3.你叫什么名字Whatsyourname 4.她是我的汉语老师SheiSmyChineseteacher 5.她女儿今年二十岁Herdaughteris20yearsoldthisyear 6.我会说汉语IcanspeakChinese 7.今天几号Whats

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HSK Preparation course Level-1

The contact:

1. 你好Hello
2. 谢谢你Thankyou
3. 你叫什么名字What'syourname
4. 她是我的汉语老师SheiSmyChineseteacher
5. 她女儿今年二十岁Herdaughteris20yearsoldthisyear
6. 我会说汉语IcanspeakChinese
7. 今天几号What'sthedatetoday

 It will cost  34 times to finish this book.You will learn about 150 new words.

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