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大家好,我是周晶晶老师。很高兴能在这里认识你们。Hello, everyone, I am your teacher Zhou Jingjing, its glad to see you here.我是一个开朗、爱笑的姑娘,如果你来我的班上课,一定是很有意思的事。I am a girl who is open and smile, if you are in my class, it must be interesting.

我喜欢当老师,因为可以让越来越多的人学习汉语,是我的愿望。I like to be teacher,because teacher can make more and more people learn Chinese, it' s my wish.汉语,其实很难,你需要很努力学习,才能记住那些汉字和语法;汉语,其实也很简单,你只需要努力学习,就可以学好汉语。我希望,我的课可以让汉语学习变得更简单明白,更有趣。Chinese,in fact it' s hard, you need to study hard, and then you can characters and grammars; but study hard, then you can get remember these it is also easy, just study hard, then you can get it. I hope, my class make Chinese easier and interesting to learn.我们一起来学习汉语吧,我 是周晶晶,我等着你。:)

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