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Programs overview

In order to help overseas groups and individuals select more suitable and distinctive study-tour programs, Lanmate handpick a batch of most welcome ones and provide reservation and application.

This project is aimed at providing a great chance for overseas students and Chinese culture and language lovers to explore the spirit and essence of China. We provide a wide range of cultural classes including local cultural and social activities. Students will have culture classes every day such as Chinese Kung fu, calligraphy, paper cutting, folk music, folk dance,and many more. Students will also be able to try traditional local foods. What’s more, students will learn mandarin in class, and apply what they’ve learned while traveling , such as shopping at the Chinese Market . It will certainly be a wonderful and memorable experience in China.

Program catalogue

Language kind of study-tour
Language kind of study-tour is mainly to study Chinese language, and experience traditional Chinese culture, as well as visit the historical and cultural attractions during the language study.

Characteristic study-tour
Characteristic study-tour is mainly to learn Chinese cooking, make wine, Chinese Kongfu, Opera and so on.

Business investigation
Business investigation is mainly to learn basic business Chinese, Chinese business etiquette, and visit Chinese enterprises or organize business lecture at the same time.

Culture experience
Culture experience is mainly to do culture exchange with Chinese students, and visit famous Chinese scenic spots.

Summer Camp
Summer vacation study-tour is to take trip in China, have culture exchange activities in summer vacation and learn simple daily Chinese.

Winter Camp
Winter vacation study-tour is to take trip in China, have culture exchange activities in winter vacation, and learn simple daily Chinese.

Customized study-tour
Customized study-tour is to make personalized study-tour plan according to group’s demand, which contains study-tour programs, trip duration, places of the trip and so on.

If you are interested in these programs. the details in web page “Program Details”. go there you will know more.

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